My ambition for Brussels

As a young adolescent I moved from the picturesque Middelburg (a mere 600 men borough, without a bakery in sight!) to Brussels. I fell in love with its wonderful people from all corners of the world, its impressive heritage, its grand parks and its fascinating cultural activities. But I also left for another reason: I thought things could be improved in Brussel. Significantly. For more information about my activities, click on the link above, but let me give you here a brief overview of my upcoming plans.
I want to turn Brussels into a smart city where apps and digital means that are powered by the citizens themselves make life easier and more comfortable in mobility, healthcare and services. I want to halve the number of victims on the road by 2020; we’ll do so through information campaign and education, by transforming the infrastructure and taking smart punitive measures. On Equal Opportunity, we fight against discrimination, racism, homophobia & antisemitism. Brussels is a relatively wealthy region and thanks to our knowhow we are helping our partners in the South gain expertise in urban planning, recycling, digital crafts etc. On Animal Welfare, I’d like to think that Brussels can be a welcoming place not only to its human inhabitants but also to the thousands of creatures living in our region.
Regarding the VGC – the Vlaamse Gemeenschapscommissie –, my aim is to reduce the health gap: Brussels citizens tend on average to live less long and less healthy than the other people in the country. The demographic wave gives us the opportunity to build a proactive policy, that is innovative and durable and turns our city into a family friendly place where young and old can feel equally at home.
I’m also a passionate member of the Brussels City Council (1000). Feel free to send me any policy suggestion or ask questions at this link!